Symposium Reflections

FOCUS:  Response of the Church to Families that Include Children with Special Needs.

The symposium began with prayer and Bob Arnold reading a chapter from the book of Psalm from his Braille Bible. 

Guest speakers, Carolyn Lee and Shaneice Johnson, the mothers of children with special needs, shared their experiences.   One shared feeling alone and alienated in the church due to a lack of understanding, compassion and support.  

The other shared how her child with Downs syndrome was loved and embraced. The pastor and congregants welcomed and looked forward to the young man's flag ministry--even inquiring about his whereabouts when he wasn't in attendance. What a fellowship and joy divine it would be if all churches were intentionally inclusive.

His Ability Outreach is grateful for the sparks of hope thatwe see as more churches embrace famlies and their loved ones with special needs. 

We will continue to work toward closing that gap for the glory of God and the edification of His people.

The program was very blessed and encouraging. Continue your ministry. It is needed. Verda

This was the best ever! Nicole

Marion, I am so happy to be able to attend this event. I get so much out of this wonderful day. You and your husband are angels . Thank you for being you. You are such an inspiration to this world! When I leave today, my heart is filled with love. Thank you. Jennifer

I enjoyed it so much and you guys are doing such a good job. Keep up the good work. Please inform me when you do this again and let me know if I can do something to help. Gloria

Thanks for a great program! We get so much out of it. Keep up the great work! Bryan

Thank you for all you do, I really appreciated the program this morning.  Edra